Nature has always offered what we need to stay well. For this reason, ADAMÀH has devoted itself to exploring the health virtues of plants, with astounding results.

We are a team of professionals and researchers whose personal goal is to do all we can to improve people’s health and well-being. For this reason we study and create innovative quality products, born from our passion for plant life and based on Hydro Enzymatic Extraction (EIE for the Italian term: Estrazione IdroEnzimatica) because the natural molecules of plants have always proved to be so effective in maintaining a state of well-being.

As such we have been able to offer unique and revolutionary products, produced through years of study in university laboratories and application of an exclusive biotechnology, used in food products. This is the extraction technique, which makes 100% of the plant’s phytochemicals available to the human organism: an extraordinary result that has never been achieved before.

Our Mission

Research, health and well-being are our Mission. And we pursue it through a constant search to learn more about botanical sciences, applied to both humans and animals.

Daily well-being is the key to a better quality of life, but it is equally important to take care of our own health, day after day, with the help of nature.

Our objective has always been to offer natural products that can truly help people and which are produced by processes that respect nature. This is why our EIE products do not contain solvents, typically used in other extraction processes, and our end products are always subjected to scrupulous controls to ensure their chemical-physical properties.

What we believe in

We believe that health is a universal right, just as we believe that respecting nature is a universal duty.

This is why our EIE process does not use solvents, because we care about the environment and about the people who use our products.

It is our conviction that partnership can be advantageous to all parties, because it helps spread the information and creates channels to distribute the products, reaching those who need them or those who are simply curious to find new solutions for good health and well-being. This is why we work together with doctors, natural medicine specialists, dietologists, pharmacists, herbalists and other professionals in the sector.

We also wish to share our know-how and our discoveries outside our country, in order to give everyone access to products that can improve their quality of life in a healthy and natural way.

And lastly, ethics and professionalism are our bywords: our conviction has always been that business matters cannot take precedence over sound principles nor can they be the sole objective of our production. The entire staff share these values, and aspire to convey them to a growing number of people beyond the company itself.

Our experience

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