Extraction Method

When we say that health comes from plants, we mean that plants contain many vegetable substances that are beneficial for human organisms.

Plants constantly must learn defences against bad weather, pollution, hot sun or lack of water because they cannot escape their surroundings (like an animal would), but are forced to adapt to the environment. For this reason they contain substances with beneficial properties (developed over a long process of self-defence), that have been known and used since the dawn of time. However, these substances are often found in the plant’s cell walls and their complete extraction using traditional methods has always seemed impossible.

Today, thanks to our Hydro enzymatic extraction technique (“EIE” from the Italian term: Estrazione IdroEnzimatica), using a whole series of sequential enzymatic processes, we can target, at the molecular level, the macrostructures to be broken down in the plant wall, including polysaccharides and proteins.

The result is an extract that contains 100% of the plant’s phytochemicals, in a form that is bioavailable for the organism, and this without any use or production of alcohol.

Furthermore, this revolutionary method does not require dangerous solvents, typically used in classical extraction methods. We thus can obtain final products that are safe for both human health and the environment.

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